Louise's Godmother, Anne Knight

LOUISE I have put down thoughts and reflections at such sad times as these but never for someone so young who still had so much to live for and give. It was absolutely devastating news 6 ½ years ago – very difficult to take in. Louise was incredible how she fought on with so much suffering, her determination unwavering. I first met Louise when she was a few months old. As the years went by she and Judi took on a motherly role looking after Steven and Becca when they were little when we all got together. There was so much fun and giggling. Such fabulous memories of the week Judi and Louise spent camping with us on the Isle of Purbeck after their plush week at the Rock House Hotel (not sure they enjoyed it as much as we did!). Louise (she was about ten years old) made us giggle as she walked up the field trying to shock us by pretending to drink out of an English Cream sherry bottle .... it was empty! I have many other memories and lots of photos of the times our families spent together. Ian and Louise’s wedding was fabulous – a glorious setting – a truly wonderful celebration. Louise and Ian looked so very happy and Louise looked stunning. Louise was a more reserved girl than Judi. But I can still hear her laughing now. She was always so very thoughtful and caring. She made sure I could get to see Ella and Ivy when they were born and as they grew up. I remember my Mum coming to stay and Louise knew she liked to see the girls so she brought them up one afternoon especially to see her. Finding some way I could help Louise and Ian out I once made them a salmon flan. Louise was very appreciative and when I asked how they enjoyed it she said “it was very tasty but the pastry was quite sweet”!! I had obviously used a dessert pastry base rather than savoury! Soon after Louise was diagnosed it was her Dad’s birthday when we would always have a lovely meal all together at Culverhayes Road. Although she would be tired with looking after 2 small children she decided to stay up and join in the fun as she said she wouldn’t always be able to. I remember taking her to Manchester once for a particularly invasive treatment. I couldn’t bear to leave her straight away – so she let me stay though I am sure she would have liked some quiet moments and time to text her close friends. Louise would make so much effort to participate in everything such as the music festivals they all loved even though she knew the impact it would have on her. She did her utmost to give Ian and the girls as normal a life as possible with such huge support from Ian. I will always treasure Louise’s supreme effort to see me briefly through the patio door in Covid times and then to send a text thanking me for popping round just a few days before she passed away. Ian and Shirley have always been there to lend a hand whenever possible and the girls adore their Nana and Pops, Auntie Judi, Uncle Adrian and Tom and George. They, and their very close family friends will always be there to love and support them. I could go on endlessly but here you have a few thoughts on a most incredible lady. Louise, you have filled our lives with so much love and courage and you will guide Ian, Ella and Ivy and we will all be there by their side always.