Andy Miller

From Andy & Shirley Miller: My wife Shirley and daughters Jo and Claire have been close friends to the Fitzpatrick family since Louise was seven years old. This is our tribute to her. LOUISE For 40 of her 47 years she was and is, considered as another daughter to us, and a sister to Jo and Claire. Her joy in, and love for, music festivals being shared by Jo. Known to us more often than not as “Lou Lou Belle”, her radiant smile and sparkling eyes always had a sense of fun. She had lovely facial expressions and a hearty laugh at times. She had such compassion and consideration for others. She was always non-judgemental. Each of us are proud and privileged to have been part of Lou’s wider family. We are inspired by her courage, strength and determination to be there for her family, for Ian, Ella and Ivy. To spend whatever time she could with them and her wider family and friends. She will always be with us, providing a legacy for those around her. A legacy of fun, laughter and a joy of life. She lives on in all of us. A Parting Poem for Lou The sparkling eyes, the sense of fun, The radiant smile that brought the sun, We’ll miss you Lou, but you know well, Our hearts still hold our Lou Lou Belle. When life seems tough and nothing’s right, We’ll see your beacon shining bright, We’ll look for you to change our view, A glimpse, a smile, the face of Lou.